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Rajiv Parti, MD

As a physician myself, I know what professional life can be like. I’ve been through it. I understand the unique challenges physicians go through.

Burnout, Anger, Relationship Issues, Living on the Edge? You know you can’t go on like this forever… something has to change.

The good news is that you CAN create a whole new, amazing passion for your work, your relationships and your life!  (The “bad news” is that you have to break it down before you can build it back up again. This is not always easy but I can help you.

Are you ready to join this path and find purpose again with your self, your partner, and your work ?

I am here for you, to gently guide you to healing the crushing stress, burnout and pain of the past so that you can thrive again!


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Successes via Testimonials

“The last year I lost my focus on my professional & personnel life. Daily walking numb and drained of all energy. I answered Dr. Partis’ e-mail for a consultation. What a difference few weeks can make! I am so amazed at the change in myself. Waking up early, increased energy, smiling and laughing. I don’t know how to thank Dr. Parti enough. My family and friends are in awe! They can see the difference and most importantly I can feel the difference.” ~Lynette F, Florida

“I never realized how ‘stuck’ I was until I started my coaching sessions with Dr. Raj. Since we started our talks I can feel myself more energized and clear about my goals. He has given me the tools to focus my energy into areas that I was not paying attention to before. My life has changed. I am more productive, my relationships have improved and my overall view of life and goals is very Positive.”  ~Gabriela V., Mexico